Since the first years of our history, we had it very clear that the best way to ensure the highest quality of our dresses and accessories is by handcrafting. After more than four decades, we remain faithful to this philosophy. 

Craftsmanship is present in all stages of our manufacturing process, from the elaboration of our own lace and embroidery, to the last details of our accessories that match the dresses. 

The appreciation of craftsmanship is increasingly visible in the preferences of our customers, and this encourages us to put the maximum effort to ensure that our traditions last over time.

In today's world, what women are more and more looking for is above all to be different, to stand out from the crowd and to adapt what surrounds them to their liking. That is why they highly value a service such as personalization. At the same time, they demand the highest quality in everything they consume. 

Our customization process begins with the sales consultants in our stores, where we listen to you in order to understand how you imagine yourself on this unique day. We advise you to choose the silhouette that suits you best, and together with our pattern design team we accompany you to define the final design. 

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